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Misa Shimizu and Koji Yakusho in Warm Water Under a Red Bridge.

Actors Misa Shimizu and Koji Yakusho discover romance and mutual compatibility within unusual circumstances in Warm Water Under a Red Bridge.

I selected Warm Water Under a Red Bridge with the anticipation of sitting back to watch a gentle, mystical fable. I did not realize this Japanese movie’s simple description of a filling up of water was referring to a greatly exaggerated natural physiological occurrence. I also didn’t realize that the story takes place in modern times. Though Warm Water Under a Red Bridge did turn out to be a fairly gentle movie, a few of the scenes may cause mental discomfort for sexually repressed viewers.

Misa Shimizu as Saeko in Warm Water Under a Red Bridge.

Misa Shimizu portrays the very intriguing Saeko in Warm Water Under a Red Bridge.

This movie definitely confirms the Japanese high level of comfort with natural bodily functions. Warm Water Under a Red Bridge exaggerates one such function in a way that I think a western movie would be very unlikely to do.

This film has many light moments, but it doesn’t really come across as a comedy. Perhaps for that reason I found the choice in musical theme for the sexual events, along with director Shohei Imamura’s choices in direction in those scenes, to be a little awkward.

It seemed as if a decision was made to push the audience into a forced humorous reaction with the pivotal sexual release scenes. Those choices may have been better for the balance of the film and pursuing more eroticism might not have been appropriate, but watching the movie I couldn’t help but wonder how the sex scenes might have turned out if they had been shot without attempting to diffuse  the intensity.

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge is an unusual experience that may not please everyone, but I’m sure it is unusual enough to hold the attention of many. It was definitely unusual enough to hold my attention. This movie surprised me, and I like being surprised by movies. Warm Water Under a Red Bridge’s distinctiveness helped me to bump its overall rating up to 4 Siberians.

Warm Water Uner a Red Bridge macaw parrot scene.

Savage Japan Misc. Tidbits
I love the placement of the Macaw parrot in this movie. It’s a nice detail that simply exists with no time wasted on revealing unnecessary information about why it exists. The parrot quietly emphasizes the fact that this is the home of a not-so-ordinary family. Also, the bridge in the title is a comfortable element and a great home base for the story.

For Japanese Language Students
For Japanese culture and language enthusiasts who are not uncomfortable with unusual sexual topics, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge offers some interesting views into Japan. For Japanese listening comprehension practice, I think the film is a good selection. The film features modern real world conversations with plenty of opportunities to pick out words and phrases. There are also several modern day uses of kanji and kana spotted occasionally in the film.

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Warm Water
Under a Red Bridge

Japanese film/movie review - Warm Water Under a Red Bridge.Entertainment Value: Good
Listening Practice: Very Good
Adult Content: Surprising

Running Time: 119 Minutes
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge - Not Rated Japanese MovieWriters: Shohei Imamura, Daisuke Tengan &
Motofumi Tomikawa from a novel by Yo Henmi
Shohei Imamura
Japanese Title:
赤い橋の下のぬるい水 (あかいはしのしたのぬるいみず)
Original Release: 2001

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